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Two Federal safety colors are available on the Max Fork® for easy visibility: brilliant orange and brilliant chartreuse. Each clear dip anodized aluminum handle comes complete with a black foam center grip and black foam hand grip. The Max Fork® head comprises of five individual plastic parts assembled with stainless steel screws and comes completely assembled from the factory. After years of use, replacement Max Fork® parts are available on the website. A Phillips screwdriver is the only tool needed when replacing parts.
"Yes the forks are the best, my stall guys and help love them...
I have used the Max Fork on everything on the ranch"
- David Costello, Paso Robles, CA
NCHA Hall of Fame Trainer & NCHA Judge AAAA

The Max Fork® was created to provide horse owners the very best manure fork on the market today. The Max Fork® was designed to be durable, strong, lightweight (weighs under 2.5 lbs.) and for hard everyday use scooping manure, sifting shavings and raking stalls. A reliable fork for all around the ranch and farm raking and scooping debris in aisle ways and arenas, pick up of medium/large dog, mini horse and horse manure.
The Max Fork® has wide flat ends, angled tines and a unique patent pending triangular design for stability which allows the fork to pick up heavier loads. All the plastics and screws have been considered for durability in warm and cold climates.



Clear Anodizing: Los Angeles, CA
made in California
Plastic Supplier: Santa Fe Springs, CA
Black Foam Grips & Tubes: Fresno, CA
Aluminum Tubing: Riverside, CA


Manufactured in it’s own factory in Downey, CA
Two different engineering plastics used: one for stiffness the other for flex and durability
Handle is a full 1” diameter structural grade aircraft aluminum with clear anodized finish
Grips are made in Fresno, CA with UV inhibitor for long lasting use
All parts are attached with specially designed stainless steel Phillips head screws. No corrosion
The Max Fork® head is produced of multiple pieces for easy repair
Full replacement of any plastic part for one year from date of purchase freight prepaid


Injection Molding & Assembly at Max Forks® own facility:       Downey, CA