Donations & Testimonials

The Max Fork® team traveled to  Sunland, California to visit Saffyre (Horse) Sanctuary on 08/27/2017 to donate Max Forks®. We met Esta and her wonderful staff of volunteers. A fulfilling and wonderful day for us to help such a worthy charity. Please visit for more information.

"I  love my Max Fork!

I just started volunteering at a local horse sanctuary.

I didn't know anything about cleaning stalls. I had a lot of difficultly with the available manure forks which were inefficient, cumbersome and easily broken. I researched this topic extensively and couldn't believe this product was available local, with quality material at a fair price."

- Anne Celona, Pasadena, CA

"Hi, I met you at Horse Expo last month in Pomona. I had my doubts about your rake because of my wave fork from noble Outfitters, which was an expensive failure. I absolutely LOVE your rake. My friend, who has had horses all her life, and subsequently many manure rakes, says this is the best rake she has used. It’s comfortable and, so far, sturdy. It doesn’t come apart like the Wave Fork and does a superior job of stall cleaning. The tines on the Noble rake are too far apart so you spend twice as much time raking. Your wider, flatter tines make stall cleaning a breeze. Also, it will pick up quite a bit more weight than I would have thought.
I am a very happy customer. I would love for you to contact WW Feed in Hemet or Roundup Feed in Wildomar to see if they would sell your rake."

                                                                                                                                             -Sheri Wells